Head: RoC Cobra Commander, CORPS Hat
Torso: RoC Storm Shadow
Arms: RoC Storm Shadow, RoC Destro
Legs: RoC Destro
Re-Breather Pack: 25th Flash, Package Ties

Cyborg General Blitz was my entry into the JoeCustoms' 2-Week Figure Challenge 2011. He was mainly inspired by Chief's use of that Storm Shadow torso/coat. I wanted to use a variation of it, combined with my affection for Jodhpurs, to create a villain with a modern flair, not unlike my update to The Red Skull. Pulling a character out of the G.I. Joe Extreme Universe was easy, once I discovered that General Blitz had a 'Cyborg' version -- Enter the RoC CC head. Finally, with the addition of the CORPS hat, plus the hose holes in the back of the head, I was inspired to go Steampunk with the custom.

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