Head: DCIH Wonder Woman with Ms. Marvel hair
Torso: Ms. Marvel, modded and with sculpted detail
Upper Arms: Ms. Marvel
Fused to: IJ Mutt arms from the bicep down (also, with sculpted detail)
Axe: Papo
Lower legs: DCIH Wonder Woman

The woman they call "Wonder Woman" first became known to the powers that be, when an Adventure Team mission led by Dashiell Faireborn, a.k.a. Flint, stumbled upon an ancient Greek isle (while investigating a lead on an Atlantis clue) which somehow was thriving in its seemingly ancient state.

Determining that the isle was simply not recorded on any contemporary map, Flint was preparing to log and report his discovery. He was persuaded not to do so, however, in exchange for two promises. The promise of his own freedom and the promise of future aid, should the need arise, in the battle against the evil terrorist organization once known as Cobra, and now known as MEDUSA.

That need, explained Flint, was now. And so, in response, the ancient city's finest warrior was called upon to return with this man to help in the fight against evil. That woman, both beautiful and strong, both charismatic and deadly, was given false credentials identifying her as EXCAL administrative aid Diana Prince. But to those who have come to know her, and to fight beside her, she is known simply as Wonder Woman.


This figure never got the full EXCAL treatment from me until now, as she was made originally as a challenge from my wife to make her a Wonder Woman figure (her favorite character). This figure has had the chance to be photographed alongside my other DC customs, but she still sits proudly on display on my wife's desk.

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