Head: Lady Jaye
Torso: Ambush (modded into female torso)
Arms: Mainframe
Waist, Legs: Ambush

Bombshell is based on two concepts, first, from one of the Find Your Fate books, where the hero was named Bombshell - but I decided I want it as a female, and second, from a photo of a prototype black female Lady Jaye I saw years ago from yojoe.com.

This one took years to finish. It's designed around the time period of the last decade, when I was just starting out with customs, and never finished it. The custom was also one of the putty molded female torsos that I played around with way back then, when I bought my first ever Milliput putty. This custom's torso uses the Ambush torso.

The figure got painted around the last two years or so, and again, lay unsubmitted, and placed in the "needs accessories" bin. Around this time I was thinking if I should use the custom for a Doc / Carla Greer v2 custom, but decided against it in the end.

I've recently finally gave her some weapons, along with several old customs from the "need accessories" bin,

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