Head: Repeater
Torso: Monkeywrench
Arms, Waist, Legs: Battle Corps Bazooka

This one took years to finish. It was designed some time over the last decade, when I was just starting out with customs, and never finished it. It always had the assigned codename of Bomb Bay in its LBC stages.

Back then, it was always supposed to be a purely LBC figure, since the Monkeywrench torso and Bazooka arms colors match. I had this LBC hang out always with Gung-Ho and Leatherneck, as part of the "tough guy" group.

Around the last two years or so, I decided to try a paint job on the LBC, and this was the end result. But it ended up being placed in the "needs accessories" bin, until the last few days.

I recently gave him some weapons, along with several old customs from the "need accessories" bin.

To be honest, not one of my favorite customs. I think I should have maintained the old colors, and not painted this one at all... but... anyway, this one will stay the way it is now.

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