Gloved hands, feet: SWCW Anakin Skywalker
All Else: DC Wondergirl
Leg Pouch: Cobra Bazooka Soldier
Sidearm: ???, possibly Star Wars?
Whip: 25A Croc Master


My third other-toy-line-to-GI Joe custom, Vanessa Warfield was the lone female VENOM agent from the MASK toy line. The character is a perfect fit for a Cobra Officer. As with my Brad Turner custom, I opted to not include any kind of mask to help establish this a Joe/Cobra character and not a MASK one. As a tribute to the Whip mask, though, I outfitted the figure with a whip as an accessory.

Color & Paints:

Taken from the original character, but with the red now occupying less space (mostly on the AS parts). To liven up the colors a bit, the blue is no longer a straight blue but a metallic one. Instead of the original black collar around the neck, I went with a full neck costume. I moved the black to the buckles on the AS right glove to balance out the black of the gun belt.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The DC figures are pretty poorly proportioned, so the undersized feet and stubby lower arms were replaced with SWCW Anakin Skywalker parts. This also gave the character some details to an otherwise streamlined design. The gun belt/holster is scratch built.

Thanks for looking.

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