All parts except lower arms: 25th Scarlett
Lower arms: SW Walrus Man (Ponda Baba)

I've been wanting to make a Mockingbird ever since NJC #2 (Hawkeye) ... figured it was high time! Mockingbird is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and I had trouble deciding which 'version' of her to make. I ended up going with a 'classic' version. I had WIP'd this figure up for months, but couldn't generate the will to finish her until Custom Celebration 2011, as part of my self-designated Way-Back-Machine project: to finish as many WIPs as I could within two weeks. I'd still like to fashion a mask for her, possibly just out of a card bubble, and I even have an idea for a removable mask using greenstuff (maybe for a 2.0 version.) I also need to get a styrene rod to make her battle staves, with a removable version of them to put on her right thigh (that's why the strap is left there).

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