Head: Lady Jaye modded with ponytail
Torso: Pathfinder modded
Arms: Lady Jaye
Waist: Sonya Blade (i think)
Legs: forgot already

This one took years to finish. It's designed around the time period of the last decade, when I was just starting out with customs, and never finished it.

This custom was based on an entry to a Brocklee contest way back when the site was still active. Too bad I wasn't able to save a copy of its filecard to use. The only thing I was able to save a copy was the Brocklee art version of the entry, which I included in this post.

The figure got painted around the last two years or so, and again, lay un-submitted, and placed in the "needs accessories" bin.

I recently finally gave the custom some weapons, and finally posted her up here on JoeCustoms.

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