Head: SDS
Upper Torso: Original Cesspool I had to resculpt the lower half.
Legs: 25th B.A.T.
Left Arm: ROC DELTA 6 Accelerator suit
Right Arm: 25th SGT Airborne
Gas mask: ROC Pit trooper
Gun: 30th anniversary Hazard Viper

Construction Details:
I chose to construct this figure using old and new G.I.Joe parts. I had to resculpt a lot of the lower torso but I think the figure looks quite good if a little on the fat side.I chose blue instead of Cesspool's classic colours as I wanted the figure to fit into my idea of what a cobra officer would wear.

CEO of a biochemical company, Vincent D'Alleva was a real playboy. He had everything people dreamed of: cars, women and not to mention a lot of money! When G.I.Joe discovered the way that D'Alleva disposed of the highly corrosive and dangerous bi-products created by his company they set out to stop him.

Some Joe agents confronted him at one of his waste disposal facilities, the CEO had too much to lose and tried to fight the Joes, unfortunately the battle ended with D'Alleva covered in the waste product which hideously scarred his face, blinded one of his eyes and literally melted his left arm away.

In hospital and about to face criminal charges, D'Alleva's only salvation was COBRA, the organization saw a lot of potential in the 'toxic ooze' which severely damaged D'Alleva and decided to weaponize it.

Equipping himself with a robotic left arm and the Toxic Ooze D'Alleva now calls himself Cesspool and leads the deadly Hazard Vipers in his search for revenge...

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