Head, arms, torso, waist: MU Thor
Legs, gun belt: ROC Heavy Duty
Helmet: ARAH
Ammunition Belts: ?
Weapon: ARAH Sonic Fighter Stalker


After making Savitar, it was just a matter of time before I waded into the Eagle Force good guy lineup. Instead of one of the more recognizable characters like Captain Eagle or Goldie Hawk, I went with the less popular Turk. The MU Thor figure, from the waist up, was the perfect starting point for Turk. The stocky large Heavy Duty legs balanced out the upper body well. The Thor leg posts are plastic and grip the Heavy Duty legs in such a way that the legs aren't really posable at the hips.

Colors & Paints:

Obviously, the metallic gold uniform had to go. The trousers are light brown, with yellow patterning and orange spots, to give a "gold" vibe to them. The pattern is roughly based on several hunting camouflage patterns. It will be a work in progress, likely changing from each Eagle Force custom to the next, but keeping the same color set. The skin tone is a bit lighter than I'd like it to be, but it keeps me from repainting the elbow joints, so I kept it. As a nod to the original character, I kept the wrist wraps gold in color.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The Thor helmet/hair was removed. Instead of the original character's beret, I went with a normal helmet. The helmet hides the head's lack of ears and makes the character seem even less like Gung Ho. I removed the silver disks from the Thor waist, though I left the ones on the chest.

Thanks for looking.

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