Head: Mr. Freeze toy
Torso: Sci Fi v.4
arms: Armored Cobra Commander
legs: Cobra Commander (with fodder bullet belt)
crotch: ?

backpack: mr. freeze toy and i think Sci-fi backpack (modified with hose)

embalming tool: Crimson Guard Immortal launcher with missle.

Dr. Charles Sterling is no longer. All that remains is this sick and twisted alternate human called Embalm. Dr. Stirling and his younger years are not known. What is known is he studied medicine at Harvard and worked for a local hospital. Soon after he became a coroner and worked in the mortuary. He became obsessed with death, to the point where he wanted to be more like the dead.
He then vanished and was not seen for quite some time. It is said now that he has found a new friend and teacher named Dr. Mindbender. The two work together on special projects that the Cobra high command needs done.

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