Head: SW Endor Rebellion Commando
Body: 30th Anni. Renegades Duke
Helmet: 30th Anni. SB Delta
Body Armor: 30th Anni: SB Delta
Pistol: ROC/POC various figs
Rifle: Bbi weapons pack

Coming from a family of oil workers, Samuel March was the plight of a blue collar man in his father. He decided as much as it was in his blood he wasn't going to follow the same path.
As soon as he could enlist he did, looking to use his service to pay for college and help his dad.

While in the Army he found a calling in Spec Ops. Qualified Ranger, and soon after became a Delta operator. After years of excellent service to his country, he felt it was time to go back to his home in Texas and help his ailing father and the family business.

Only one problem, Destro wanted to play the oil baron role. Which meant he wanted to muscle out any drilling competition, and get a share of the profits from the subsequent wells.

When Ruffneck got word what was going on back home, he planned to take on Destro himself. But a phone call from Wild Bill, (a friend of is father's) set him straight. . .straight on a path to P.S.I.'s front door step.

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