1984 Blowtorch. It's a repaint in the line "As the character would be in real life", now as a soldier in the field, not a target.

Backpack, helmet and flamethrower from acessoriepack #3. Mask original, repainted (spray paint).
Paint used: humbrol and testors. The gray color used in the main suit is diluted to give the appearance of wear.
But, in the future, I have plans to include an axe and a extinguisher and a briefcade with other incendiary weapons, like the POC version. This is my first figure in my line "as the character would be in real life". The next is Dial-tone.

No aditional information. He is just a repaint from the original figure, a new vision from the field suit/uniform. Changes were not necessary in the biography of the character. He is the same "man", just a new wardrobe.

But we can say: "Blowtorch is a expert in any way to use fire like weapon. He can make fire or incendiary weapons with chemical products that you use to clean your house. In other situations, he knows what is needed to end fire. And in any situations safety is the priority."

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