Head: SW Jabba's Palace Dancer head;
Resolute Baroness hair, both modified. Paperclip bits for earrings.

Torso: MU Mystique, modified.

Arms: SW asian female ?

Legs: MU Storm uppers, ROC Baroness lowers

Shoulder holsters - vinyl; harness - MU Storm belt

Not all EXCAL missions are contained within the organization. Sometimes you have to hire outside help. That's where ISIS comes in. While most view Sterling Archer as the premier agent at ISIS, it's accepted by many that Lana Kane is the one to handle the big jobs. Partly because of her man hands? Yup.

She has applied to work at EXCAL on more than one occasion, but her multiple run-ins with EXCAL's recruitment officer, "Barry," has her souring on the prospect of such employment.

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