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Head-Star Wars Joker squadron head (HEAVILY modded to make it smaller and fit scale wise on the figure)
Torso-Cobra Winter Viper
Upper Legs- ROC Pit Commando
Lower Legs- 25th Zartan
Feet- 25th SnowJob
Helmet- Resolute Viper
Goggles- POC Zartan I think
WebGear- Mars Trooper
BackPack-Pit Commando
Missles-Original Downtown

I've been working on this figure for a year. I was never happy with the look and kept tinkering with him on and off. Ultimately I decided to tone done his color scheme and add more camo to the figure.

So basically any area that was red has camo now, except for a few places where I kept it to shout back to the original figure. I also wanted a Colonial Marine feel to him and went for that as well. If you look closely he has a bullet hole in his helmet which I figured he keeps to prove his lack of fear.
Also I added a back holster to his vest since it always bothered me with the figures who had these huge weapons but then if they got into close quarter combat they would have nothing to fight with.

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