Head: Bushido '94 + Zarana '86 gun blade
Torso: Crimson Guard Immortal '91
Upper Arms: Zandar + Zarana '86
Lower Arms: Viper '02 (V8)
Waist: Road Pig '88
Upper Legs: Thrasher '86
Lower Legs: T'Jbang '92

Tonfu: consists of parts from Slice '93 and Ryu '93 weapons
Kama: consists of parts from Dojo '92 and Storm Shadow V17 '05 weapons
Flying Guillotine: consists of Roadblock '93 helmet, accessory pack Zarana gun blades and a chain

This was my second entry for the Kumite II.
Bio: After Kumite I Gikan went back home to improve his fighting skills and looked for ways to improve his weaponry. His idea was to have at least one weapon that would attack with every move it made. That resulted in the personalized tonfa. Handling the tonfa, any defensive move turns in an offensive move as well. Every swing, block, punch, stab or hit with the tonfa is a move with one of the spiked or edged sides of the weapon too. And that's just his right hand. In his left hand, Gikan handles a kama that pretty much functions the same as the tonfa, but it has different angles and blades to complete his balance of ways to attack and defend. Finally, the Flying Guillotine is Gikan's most mysterious new weapon. It's a legendary weapon, supposed to have been invented in ancient China. The outer blades are thought to be soaked in poison, the inside of the thing has never been seen. All that is known is that it can decapitate a victim with a pull from the chain.

Notes of special interest:
The signs on the Flying Guillotine mean "Headhunter" in Chinese
This is version two of Gikan.

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