Head: Sue Storm FF four pack
Body: ROC Desert Ambush Scarlett
SMG: Marauder MP-5
Pistol: Bbi
Comms case: POC Hawk

Born in Germany, Harmony always felt the need to do more. As a kid she was known to talk her way out of most fights, but even she realized some force may be unavoidable.

Later she joined the service, and was selected to train with GSG-9. Becoming a member, her talent for conflict resolution was noticed after a fellow officer was wounded and taken hostage during a raid. She managed to free the hostage, and get the terrorists to surrender in less than 14hrs with no loss of life. Her OIC recommended that she be sent to the US to train with the FBI HRT Div.

After leaving the service she was recommened to P.S.I. by Lifeline, seeing a need for the company to keep a good image for the public and other host nations. Not only is she a top negotiator, but also a spokesperson for prospective clients.

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