Head: Star Wars Sly Moore (modified)
Legs: Pilot Scarlett
Torso, upper arms: Resolute Baroness
Lower arms: SWCW Obi-Wan Kenobi in space suit
Pouches and gunbelt from Indiana Jones German Solder webgear, Chap Mei figure, and 25A Roadblock webgear
Shotgun: ???


Another Eagle Force character in 3.75 format. Instead of choosing one of the really nice flowing hair sculpts Hasbro has made- many of which would have fit the character's original design- I needed something different. I wanted this interpretation of Goldie Hawk to be less traditional, and a bit more intense than the original. I see a more current version where she's almost bald except for a crest of hair at the top of her scalp.

The pouches were added to hide the Cobra emblem on the Baroness chest, with more gear added along the waist to hide the ornately designed Cobra belt. The berets of the original characters don't seem particular necessary, especially when updating them.

Color & Paints:

As with my Turk custom, I tossed out the metallic gold for the uniform, replacing it with a camouflage pattern with a gold "vibe" to it. I added a few splashes of metallic gold where I could.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I added the wave of hair to the head. The hips had to be opened up slightly for the legs.

Thanks for looking.

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