SDS Head
Beachhead Vest
Duke body

I started to work on a new Joe team a few weeks back simply titled "The Vets". The idea behind it is simple, not every biker is a thug or Dreadnok wannabe. One day while waiting for Clutch to finish some custom work on their bikes, Grizzly and L.K. (Lady Killer) were at a local bar, playing a game of pool. In walks Dreadnoks Thrasher, Zanzibar and Monkeywrench laughing at the "poor Joey" they just beat up for not giving them free repairs. Grizzly and L.K. are former war vets and don't take kindly to people ganging up 3 to 1 on anyone, so they wipe the floor with the Dreadnoks, sparking a Dreadnok vs retired Vet feud.

While not officially part of the G.I. Joe team, they are welcomed allies and sometimes informants for G.I.Joe.

These guys are my favorite current project and I want to add at least one more figure to the set.

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