1983 Doc Head
1983 Torpedo Torso
1986 Roadblock Arms
1989 Stalker Waist
1987 Law Upper Leg
1984 Mutt Lower Leg

I liked the idea and look of the Renegades Ripcord but wanted an o-ring style figure as this is what I predominately collect. This figure was more of a challenge as the '86 arms required some sanding to get a tight fit with the '83 torso. The Doc head seemed like a great fit as the cartoon version and card artwork both show Ripcord with hair; not sure why the action figure doesn't. Painting the small spaces on the boots and his glasses proved to be somewhat difficult as well; still need some practice on that.

I used a Marauder tactical vest modified with pieces and pockets cut off from another vest. The red front cargo pockets came off POC Doc. The parachute is from '87 Crazylegs painted and I added a Marauder flashlight. His mask is from 2002 Blowtorch with an extended hose that is connected to a modified Marauder fire extinguisher for the air tank. Ripcord is geared up with a scoped out Marauder NCM rifle and a pistol. I think the NCM rifle is a big improvement over the one that came from the actual figure.

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