Head: Cobra Commander "Fred"
rest of figure: Blizzard

This custom was made for Hisstank.com's 2011 ARAH or DIE Custom Figure contest, specifically for the "Kickin' It Old School" sub-category.

For someone like me who never took any liking to the 25th joes, I always wanted to make my own ARAH versions of some interesting new characters for my ARAH collection.

Ice Storm was one of the 25A built figures that I liked, but not enough to start up a 25A collection. This custom contest gave me reason enough to finally try making my own ARAH Ice Storm custom, and I can honestly say it turned out to be one of my favorite customs.

I used putty over the head, and stamped over Low-Light v1's bonnet over it to make a custom bonnet, and also used some putty to make his collar.

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