Head: Renegades Flint
Body: 25th Tiger Force Flint
Vest: ROC Pit Commando
Belt: ROC Elite Viper
AK-47: '85 Snow Serpent
Knife: '02 Flint

File Name: Falcone, Vincent R.
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Medic
Birthplace: Fayetteville, North Carolina
Grade: O-2 (1st Lt.)

Special Forces literally runs in the Falcone bloodline. Falcon's father was a Vietnam-era Green Beret and his Grandfather served in the 6th Ranger Battalion alongside Bull Simons in the Pacific during World War II. Fluent in Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian and Swahili, he has put his language skills to good use, serving in counter terrorist operations around the world for more than a decade now. He rode with Dostum in 2001 and fought in the Battle of Qali-I-Jangi, then participated in the hunt for Sadam Hussein in Iraq.

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