Head: 25th Airborne
Body: Resolute Beachhead
Vest: Renegades Duke modded with BBI Pouches
M16: Marvel Universe Crossbones
Kukri: Shadow Tracker

Eighty Six
Filename: Eighty Six (Tribal Name Unknown)
Birthplace: Central Nepal
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Guerilla Warfare

A Gurrung tribesman born in Central Nepal, Eighty Six joined the Royal Gurkha Rifles at seventeen. Like all Gurkhas, he abandoned his tribal name when he signed up and has gone by the last two digits of his serial number ever since. He served the latter half of his commitment with the 22 SAS, having made a name for himself in the Gurkhas as a cunning, ferocious warrior and an expert at close quarters combat (CQB) and guerilla warfare. When his fifteen year commitment was up, he joined his old friend Big Ben over in the States, working with GI JOE.

Eighty Six is a study in contrasts. Off the battlefield, he's a quiet, polite, soft spoken, but impishly funny guy who listens to old '60s boss reggae and loves cooking soul food. He's everybody's friend, always smiling and always there to lend a hand. On the battlefield, he's flat out nasty. He loves nothing more than parachuting into a hot LZ, armed only with his kukri and his wits, terrorizing anyone in his path.

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