Parts list:
Head: Road Pig v1 with ME goggles and custom earings and nosepiece and fangs.
Torso: Gnawgahyde v1 with custom skull necklace. Skull from Chap Mei figure.
Right arm: Road Pig v1 with custom turtle shell arm guard (I took it from Flint v8, 2003).
Left arm: Slaugther v1 with custom turtle shell arm guard (I took it from Flint v8, 2003) and custom chain.
Waist and upper legs: Road Pig v1.
Lower legs: Quick Kick v1 with custom Nike shoes (made with epoxy).
Weapon: Random stuff.

Real name: Unknown

Bebop was the big bully of his school and block in New York. Always kicking ass and extorting weak people. That was his way of life until once he was defeated by a bunch of smaller and thinner 'green ninjas' (It is not confirmed, but Joe ninja Nunchuk could have been involved). Bebop couldn't delivered them a single punch. For the first time he was bullied. Looking for revenge he joined the Dreadnoks seeking martial arts training and why not partner with them to help him defeat the ninjas. He developed an abnormal hate for green creatures, especially turtles. Now he carries and creates weapons for opening turtle shells.

Construction notes:
This is my first custom made of random fodder parts. I was lucky to find everything I needed in my box. Also I think this custom is the one I worked the most on. On the fail side, I missed that Bebop was originally an african american. It would have been great to have an african american in my Dreadnoks gang.

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