Head: Balrog modified with green stuff
Torso: Balrog, sanded stripes
Arms: Heavy Duty, gloves made with green stuff
Waist and legs: Muskrat.

RamBro... I mean... Curtis Jackson.

He is the sidekick of Michael Dudikoff in AMERICAN NINJA. He was played by late actor Steve James.

Another custom of mine based on an action film of the 80s. I have the spare parts laying around and suddenly Curtis came to my mind. The challenge here was to made the afro hair and bandana. A fellow customizer told me to start by placing a big ball of green stuff on top of the head and then punch it with the hobby knife to add texture. The bandana came along easy with a strip of green stuff.

Thank you for all your comments on the Critiques thread. And for your visits here.

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