Head: Covergirl/Agent Courtney Krieger
Hair: POTC Pirate Disguise Elizabeth Swan
Top of the Hair: Miliput
Body: Ms. Marvel
Tail: PVC Tiger

I wanted to create more Avengers figures. I wanted to create a bunch of other figs I knew Hasbro would likely not get to soon.

Tigra was top of my list. Since I made my own Covergirl with a brown leather jacket, my Hasbro Agent Courtney Krieger came out of my rotation and into my custom's box. I liked her face, but her hair was not right.

I liked the hair from my Elizabeth Swan figure, except she had a pirate hat, which I cut off. I sculpted some putty hair.

The one thing I'm not too happy with was the tail. It looks ok, but not great.

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