Head: BBI
Arms & Torso: POC Zartan
Legs: 30th Stalker
Vest: 30th Steel Brigade
M16/M203: ROC Desert Ambush Duke
AKMS: Renegades Firefly
Backpack: 25th Spirit (modded)

Code Name: Bad Road
File Name: Wymert, Keith J.
Primary Military Specialty: Intelligence
Secondary Military Specialty: Infantry
Birthplace: Portsmouth, NH
Grade: E-5

Sgt. Keith "Bad Road" Wymert grew up dirt poor in Elliott Maine. When he was nine years old, his father, a welder at the nearby Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, died of a heart attack. The second oldest of six children, he worked after school jobs, had a paper route and did landscaping on the weekend to help support his family, and still had time to become an Eagle Scout and play drums in a local punk band. Despite getting excellent grades in high school, college wasn't a realistic option for him. He moved to Dorchester after graduation and worked as a bouncer in several Boston nightclubs for a few years before joining the army and making a b-line for the Special Forces.

A graduate of the Army's Airborne, Ranger and Special Forces Schools, Bad Road served alongside Falcon in the Green Berets in Afghanistan. With his thick beard and heavily tattooed arms, he could easily pass for a Dreadnok, were he not so disciplined or well spoken. He spends most of his downtime working on his old Indian chopper and gardening.

Construction notes:
I've been wanting to do a contemporary, Afghanistan-style Green Beret for a while and based the figure on a guy I've seen in a number of photos.
POC Zartan Arms might as well be 25th anniversary Duke Arms. I went through half a dozen rifles before I found one he could hold two handed.

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