Head: Build 'n' Brawl Figure
Body, Legs: Two Different RoC Storm Shadows

Due to the overwhelming fan support for his incredible re-introduction to Marvel Comics in 2012, I *knew* I had to finish this custom before I got Chad/Matt'd by Hasbro again!

Here's what I did: Combined two different ROC Storm Shadows to get the legs, put some silver on the zipper/buttons, cut the arms off at the 'next higher up' forearm belt, added the Breaker wrist/hands (had to drill out SS arms + trim wrists) and had to drill out the BnB head to accept the neckball. I did use one *new* product (for me) making this custom ... Acetone.

Honestly, I'd never worked with acetone before until this figure. I used it to take the Cobra logo off my Beyonder custom. HOLY COW did it work!

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