Head: Range Viper
Rest: Resolute wave Firefly
Helmet and Webgear: Broken Arrow

Battle Corps Beachhead was the first Beachhead figure I owned. He looked nothing like the Beachhead I remembered from the cartoon but it was a Beachhead figure who looked cool and that made me happy at the time. Naturally when I found that Alyosha was selling a kit to turn a Beachhead/Firefly figure into a Battle Corp inspired Beachhead I knew I had to get it and use it on my blue Firefly. No painting was done on this figure at all. While not the same colors as the vintage figure, I think it evokes it well enough for me to be happy. I decided that since I was happy enough with my 25th Comic Pack Beachhead as Beachhead that I would incorporate this guy into my SWAT unit and call him something else. I looked up synonyms for Beachhead and chose Foothold.

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