Head: JvC Wild Bill
Torso: Comic pack Snake Eyes
Arms: TRU RoC Army Builder pack Duke
Legs: RoC Rollbar
Vest: RoC Rampage
Hat: Supercop

When I started making custom SWAT figures I thought it might be cool to do one of the Supercop figure that was released by Funskool. I didn't want to just do a strait up accurate version. I decided I wanted to do a more SWAT/Urban Warfare interpretation instead. I thought the Wild Bill head would help evoke the look of that figure as well as help make it look less like a Sgt. Slaughter in Police gear figure too. The hat I'm not too happy with. It being designed to be in proportion to Sgt. Slaughter's over-sized vintage head, it looks pretty silly on Wild Bill's much smaller noggin. It also doesn't stay on very well either. Someday I may replace it with something better but I haven't seen much around that fits that style hat that would fit that head.

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