Torso and Arms: World War Hulk
Legs and Head: Skaar
Webgear and belt: Skaar

Back before Hasbro announced their Dreadnok pack I was trying to plan out customs to make the missing members. I was going to do a figure like this one for both Road Pig and Demolisher but since Hasbro announced that Road Pig was to be included in their set, I figured I'd just use that figure instead. I've since decided to incorporate some of the ideas I had for Road Pig into Demolisher instead. I was originally going to use a Sagat head from the new Street Fighter line but it turned out to be too small and looked silly on this body so I decided to just mod the Skaar head for my purposes instead. Ultimately I kind of like this head better as it seems to have a little more character and doesn't look as cartoony as the Sagat head does.

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