Head: Eco Flint. Hair and sideburns modified with epoxy.
Glasses: Sgt. Slaughter! v1
Arms: Hot - Seat (just perfect)
Torso: Outback with a little epoxy around the neck area.
Waist: Outback
Upper legs: Mortal Kombat Shang Tzu
Lower legs: Joe Colton v2 (more pictures tomorrow)
Badge: Removed from 25th Anniversary Mutt's vest.
Jatimatic: Customized Annhilitor's SMG.
Pistols: Unknown.
Custom stick match.
Harness: 25th Zap.
Grenades: 25th Green Shirts

LAPD and GI Joe has reached a joint venture agreement to fight Cobra in Los Angeles. Now we will see Lt. Marion Cobretti hunting down Cobra urban forces like the Alley Vipers and the Head Hunters.

This custom O-ring figure is dedicated to the One and Only aussie GI Joe fan"Outrider" Craig Anderson, a great person who enjoyed old 80s G.I. Joe action figures and made an art of this hobby. You are still remembered.
Another 80s action hero added to my Joeverse ;) Don't forget to comment in the Critiques Section

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