Head: PoC Tomahawk
Rest: Resolute 5-pack Duke
Helmet: Broken Arrow modified

Hasbro's Slip-Stream just wasn't working for me. It just looked like Tripwire in pilot gear to me and I just wasn't feeling it. I got to thinking about how to make one that I would be happy with and was thinking about how the Conquest was a kind of hi-tech plane so its pilot should probably look somewhat hi-tech himself.

I decided that the Resolute 5-pack Duke would pull that off pretty well and with the head from Tomahawk would be a pretty decent Slip-Stream if I could find a good enough helmet. I was originally going to use Alyosha's tanker helmet that he sells with some goggles to try to emulate Slip-Stream's helmet but then he started offering an actual Slip-Stream helmet so I ordered one of those to use instead. I liked the idea of the working goggles so I dremelled off the molded on ones so I could use separate ones.

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