Head-PoC Recondo
Body- Beach Head Resolute
Vest- PoC Recondo
Hat- Gung Ho 25th version
Mustache-Green Stuff

I've been trying to piece together a Gung Ho that would fit in with the modern look of the Joes the last several years. What kept stopping me is not wanting to paint skin tone, or not having arms and heads match up with skin tone. I finally got lucky one day and realized that the Resolute Beach Head and the PoC Recondo have matching skin tones, or at least close enough to look good. I dremeled out a 25th hat to use.

My next dilemma is that size of the figure. Gung Ho should be a bigger dude. While surprisingly, the Resolute Beach Head body is actually fairly tall, it wasn't quite bulky enough. I decided to use the PoC Recondo vest beef the look of the figure up, and I think I succeeded. I Greenstuffed a mustache on him to help complete the Gung Ho look. (on another note, if anyone has a spare PoC Recondo body and hat, I'm now without, willing to buy, figure needed only).
This figure stands next to my "modern" version of the team, and fits right in.

Thanks for looking.

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