base body is ROC Sgt Stone except for upper legs
upper legs : 25A Gung Ho
LBV : 25A Tiger Force Flint
Grenade launcher : BBi
M4 w/shotgun attachment (M26) : Terminator Salvation Connor

I had a spare Rise of Cobra Sergeant Stone figure sitting on my desk for a long time. At one point i swapped the upper legs to give him a holster. So I have recently decided to paint him and make him a Flint.

Since he ha 40mm grenades on his thigh I had to give him a grenade launcher and his signature shotgun but felt he needed more firepower, so I gave him a M4 with a shotgun attachment.

I'm pretty pleased with the result even if the face isn't 100% like Flint it's close enough for me. And no, there's no room for Falcon in my Joeverse because I stopped collecting Joes before his first action figure came out here in France.

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