Wolverine Movie Sabertooth
Hat from Chap Mei Adventurer
Gun from TBC General Hawk
Effects from Hydra Soldier

Harry Dresden is the Private Investigator/Wizard Protector of Chicago, having beat back the hordes of Faerie, frustrated the efforts of Demons to create an international Plague, and in a single stroke eliminated the entire Red Court of Vampires.

He also lives in a a basement, drives a beat up Volkswagen beetle, buys his spell components at Walmart, and rarely, if ever gets the girl.

He's listed in the phone book under "Wizard" no children's parties or love potion requests please.

I didn't have to do much on this - hollowed out the hat from the Chap Mei head, and cut it to make it more Fedora like. I shaved Movie Sabertooth, and repainted the face.

I drilled connector holes into the sleeves, and put holes in the effects, so that I could put a nail in and swap between them. I can put an effect on each arm if needed.

I cut the scope off the revolver, and drilled a hole for the trigger so that he could hold it.

All in all I am pretty happy with it, though if I can find a pentacle earring, I'll put it on his chest for an amulet, and I may carve him a staff.

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