Head : 25A Snake Eyes (Commando) modded
Body : POC Destro (City Strike)

Helmet : BBi
M-240 : Marauder Inc
Vest : POC Destro (City Strike) modded
Pouches : BBi

This is another custom of mine from the Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare video games series.

This Juggernaut is not entirely screen accurate but I like it as it is. It has spent a long time on my workbench. I just wanted the upcoming Marauder Gun-Runners M-240 to give him a cool machine gun. Now that I have received my order from Marauder John I can post this baby.

The vest was retooled in order to use the armor flaps on the side of it and place them in front protecting the Juggernaut's crotch.

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