Head: Golden Compass
Torso: RoC Wal-Mart Scrap Iron modified
Arms: MIB3 modified
Legs: PoC Cobra Commander
Jacket: MIB3
Pistol: Marauder's

I got to looking around one night trying to think about who else I could add to my SWAT unit and came across Mace. Mace is an undercover operative, aka a spy. The gears started turning in my head right then and I remembered that the Golden Compass line had some Joe scaled figures in it, one of which was Daniel Craig's character. Daniel Craig plays a famous spy character. :-) So this custom pretty much serves double duty. Not only can he be Mace, but should I so desire, he can also be my 1:18th scale James Bond. Now if only I had swappable heads that looked like Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan...

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