Head: Ragin Spoon
Torso and arms: RoC Paris Pursuit Storm Shadow
Thighs: PoC Tomahawk
Lower Legs: Resolute 7-pack Destro
Double Barreled Shotgun: Marauder's
Chain: Jewelry chain from Michael's Craft Store
Patches: CobraStickers.com

The idea behind this came from Dan of the Dead's Ben custom. I had been wanting to do a biker for my Dreadnoks but wasn't sure what parts to use until I saw his Ben. The head from Ragin Spoon is meant to be used as Ambush but I like it better as a Dreadnok. I wanted to give him a chain too but had a hard time thinking of what to use and where to get one until I was in Michael's one day getting some supplies and decided to see if they might have something I could use. That's where I found the chain and I think it works really well. To finish him off I gave him some patches from CobraStickers.com. I forgot to take a picture of the back of his jacket though but if you go to their site and look, I used the one on the large sheet that's a cross with a skull in the middle.

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