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HEAD: Men In Black III Agent K
BODY: 25th Tiger Force Flint
HARNESS: Renegades Snake Eyes
MAC-10: POC Snake Eyes

CODE NAME: Albatross
FILE NAME: Stuart, Wade J.
GRADE: Classified (believed to be an O-6 equivalent, often referred to as The Colonel)

Wade "Albatross" Stuart is a tall, powerfully built man in his early '50s. He speaks with a faint Texan drawl and carries himself with the confidence of a man who has actively unfolded history for the last thirty years.

His life reads like a pulp adventure novel. A former Marine Corps officer who was recruited into the CIA's Special Activities Division in the early 80's, he fought the Russians on Horseback in Afghanistan, played cat and mouse games with the KGB in Kiev and Paris and led armed tribesmen against FARC in Columbia. He's been a Cold War assassin, an active advisor to freedom fighters, a spy, a diplomat, an adventurer, a hero and a pariah. He's escorted exiled royalty across enemy lines, crossed borders disguised in women's clothes, killed a man with his own shoe and flown aircraft that have been mistaken for U.F.O.s. He's a man of action who prefers the company of special forces staff sergeants to Pentagon brass or Company men.

In the mid-90s, Albatross served as the XO (executive officer) and the head CIA liaison for Task Force: Fury, Hawk's first elite special forces unit and the predecessor to the current GI JOE team. He currently heads the Special Activities Division's OP CELL 864, more commonly known as Project Mongoose, which acts as GI JOE's Agency counter-part. While he and Hawk are old friends, the differing natures of their units occasionally puts a strain on their relationship. Project Mongoose has the ability to operate with less oversight and impunity than GI JOE, often in places that GI JOE cannot deploy. Their methodology and exact purpose are a mystery, even to Hawk, and the General sometimes suspects Project Mongoose of being a glorified hit squad and cleaning crew. Albatross, on the other hand, occasionally sees GI JOE as being restrained by the bureaucracy and politics of the Pentagon, unable to always take the fight to Cobra before they can develop the means strike.