Head: Blizzard
Torso: Wild Bill v2
Arms: Shockwave
Waist: ?
Legs: Shipwreck

Fred Jones, the defacto leader of Mystery Inc. and van driver.

Traits: his love for traps and ever present ascot/scarf.

"let's split up gang!"

I got the inspiration for this figure when I was watching old Sifl n Olly episodes, and there was a puppet version of Fred, and I knew i'd have to make one. Since making him i've started watching the new Mystery Inc. episodes, that are really funny and have amazing artwork.

In recent episodes, the people Fred thought were his parents turned out to be criminals, this put Fred in a tailspin in which he broke off his engagement to Dapne and became a hobo.

"He hasn't even practised walked her home!"

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