Masked Head: Bandai gashapon w/ Res. Scarlett ponytail;
Unmasked Head:
SW Mara Jade (older version) head w/ Res. Scarlett hair;
Upper Torso: Bandai gashapon
Lower Torso: Res. Baroness (prototype colors)
Legs: Res. Baroness proto.;
Boots: Res. Scarlett?
Arms: Res. Baroness proto.;
Gauntlets: bandai gashapon fused with 25A Scarlett hands
Cape: glued together yellow and blue t-shirt fabrics
Belt: transplanted from bandai gashapon;

Barbara G.:
Head: see above (neck balls are both from Ren. Scarlett for compatibility);
Torso and arms: Ren. Scarlett
Legs: Avatar Jake lower legs on Ren. Scarlett uppers.

Babs will always be my primary Batgirl, though EXCAL certainly has room for more than one incarnation simultaneously. In that sense, this was kind of my "Batman, Inc." before Batman, Inc. even existed.

Stephanie Brown is Barbara's understudy in this verse.

Much of the key comic stories have affected Barbara even in EXCAL. For my take, my first figure was her old costume, and she was wearing it while shot down by the Joker. She was temporarily wheelchair-bound, during which time she took on the role of Oracle. Given her success there, she decided to hide the fact that she had secretly made a swift recovery. That people believe Barbara Gordon/Oracle is permanently disabled adds to the mystery of the identity of the "new" Batgirl running around Gotham.

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