Head: X-Men Origins Wolverine (heavily modified)
Torso, legs and vest: SDCC James McCullen Destro
Coat and arms: RoC Cobra Commander
Hands: Star Wars Admiral Thrawn
Bow tie: 25th Hard Master headband
Gas gun: RoC Doc
Pistol: ???

Since I started making Marvel universe scaled DCcustoms over a year ago, I've had several iterations of Batman and a few of his arch nemesis, the Clown Prince of Crime.

This version was made almost entirely out of Joe parts, and therefore holds a special place in my customizing history.

After the sculpting on Hugh Jackman's head, the painting of the body was easily the most complicated aspect of this custom. It required multiple light coats of a flat purple spray enamel and an overcoat of durable matte varnish to acheive the level of playability I require.

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