Roadblock legs, Cross-Country torso, Gung-Ho arms, custom cast endoskeleton head, BAT hand, 30th Iron Grenadiers gun, ammo belt, backpack, acrylic paints & sealer

I thought it would be nice if GI Joe had their own android troopers to battle the B.A.T.'s. So, who better to join forces with than The Terminator? Shown here battle damaged, the head was painted silver then washed with black. Then details were added like red eyes and blood. The left hand was cut off the Gung-Ho arm and BAT arm applied. It got the same detailing and wash treatment. Camo was added to the pants and the vest was painted. A couple of bullet holes and grazes were added to the arms. The backpack was modified to a bigger peg to fit the vintage style figure. Machine gun got the paint/wash treatment also, then everything was sealed with a topcoat. The result is the GI Joe T-1000. Enjoy

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