Head: GI Joe Ace Ver 6, 2004
Body: Marvel Universe Iron Fist

Helmet: GI Joe Airtight Ver 1 1984

When I decided to make Marvel's Wasp, I knew I needed to make Dr. Pym as well.

I decided on Antman and used a classic photo of him for reference. There are several variations of this costume and I chose this one. Other variations have the zig zag blue boots as well. In retrospect, I should have done those.

Antman's helmet was particularly challenging. I needed a helmet with would accept putty and not flex in any way. I needed it to be large enough to easily go over his head, and also have room for the front boom on it.

I dremelled the heck out of my extra Airtight's head. After I had the inside carved out and fitting on the figure, I realized the outside was still too large so I brought out the dremel again. (ARAH figs really had huge heads!)

I used an automotive chrome paint to get it as shiny as possible.

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