Head: POCC Elizabeth Swan "Pirate Disguised" minus the hair (which I used for my Tigra custom)

Body: DC Universe Infinite Heroes Wonder Girl

Skirt: Star Wars

Helmet/hood: sculpting

Ear Pieces: Left over parts from Revell Model of the VAMP 1982

Antenae: Parts from Revell Model of the VAMP 1982

Mic Boom: Breaker V1, 1982

I was pretty annoyed when Hasbro only included tiny versions of the Wasp in the Golden Avengers pack. After all, she was a founding member and deserves her own figure.

I could never figure out why they cheated and omitted her by making her so small.

So when I decided to make a Wasp, the biggest decision was to pick the costume. She is the Diana Ross of super heroes when it comes to costumes.

When I settled on her first costume, I found there were several variations depending on which artist drew her. Did she have booty shorts or did she have a skirt? Was the ring around her head red or blue?

I made my decisions and then had to decide on wings or not. I decided not to because she is at full size and they wouldn't be present, although they would have been a fun challenge.

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