Head: Slayer Design Studio
Torso and thighs: 25th Recondo with green stuff bandanna
Arms: 25th comic pack Rock n Roll
Hands: Renegades Duke
Calves: 25th Torpedo
Boots: 25th Recondo
Hat 1: VvV Gung Ho
Hat 2: 25th Recondo
Holster: 25th Snow Job
M-2: 25th Cobra Night Watch troopers with Rock n Roll ammo belt
Revolver: Marauder Inc.
Rifle: BBTS Dreadnok Gnaw

Pilot Adventurer
Head: Slayer Design Studio
Body: comic pack Wild Bill with sculpted belt buckle and holster removed.
Feet: Cobra trooper
Hat: BBi Navy Special Ops
Pistol: Spytroops Lady Jaye

Whether acting as a military consultant for the US government, helping with environmental conservation, assisting with search and rescues, or forming the earliest incarnation of GI Joe, Joe Colton is the one man for the job.

This custom is essentially a mash up of two of my Group Project customs. I took my Dino Hunters Recondo body and tweaked it to have the versatility of my Adventure Team GI Joe. The comic pack Wild Bill body resembles the Action Pilot version 2 so much I had to use that for his pilot look. I ditched the military aviator helmet for a more civilian ball cap look. The SDS head was a no-brainer. I have to tell you, taking these pictures out the backyard was the most fun with toys I've had in a long time.

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