Head: 25A Destro
Torso, upper arms: ROC Neo Viper
Lower arms, hands: Resolute Duke
Legs, feet: ROC Destro


Another "Now a Joe" character. Captain Eagle was the eye patch-wearing leader of Mego's Eagle Force. Captain Eagle's unique design points were the eye patch, binoculars, padded lower arm, and jodhpurs trousers. I threw out the padded lower arm but kept the rest. I have collectively ditched the berets on my Eagle Force customs and continued the trend with Captain Eagle.

As I didn't go with the beret, I needed to keep Captain Eagle from looking like fellow eyepatch wearer Nick Fury. I did this by giving Captain Eagle a receding hairline. The Mego figure's head was covered, so we don't really know what his hairline looked like, do we?

Captain Eagle also had a pet eagle. I kept the winged companion concept, but changed it to a black drone instead of a black eagle.

Colors & Paint:

As with my other Eagle Force customs, Goldie Hawk and Turk, I threw out the metallic gold uniform. Instead, I used colors that were more realistic but still kept a gold vibe to them. Captain Eagle's camouflage color set is the same as my other Eagle Force customs, but this time in a different shape arrangement.

Although my other customs used black for the center/vest/upper torso, I used the dark orange here to allow the black padding on the shoulders to stand out. It's a darker orange than used in the camouflage pattern- I might carry it forward into future Eagle Force customs.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I added the eye patch and the hair. The holster is scratch-built.

Thanks for looking.

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