Everything: DTC Outback modified with bits from other fodder

"TIGER FORCE - a special unit within the GI JOE team - is called up for a secret and highly dangerous mission in the remote jungle!"

I've always liked Tiger Force. I can't really explain why but that subgroup has always appealed to me. Regardless, there are things about it that don't make much sense from a practical view of what is supposed to be a covert jungle assault team. Most of the figures from the original release in the vintage line followed that theme pretty well. International and later releases? Not so much. Same goes with the vehicles. My goal here was to recreate the original team but try to stay closer to the spirit of it's purpose. That means no bright colors. I've also cherry picked figures from later releases as well and added two new members, one of which is a new character. Instead of doing strait repaints of existing figures I wanted to try to go a different direction and tie in some of the other versions of these characters as well.

Apparently when you join Tiger Force your hair changes color and you feel compelled to wear bright colors. At least that seems to be the case for Duke, Frostbite and Outback. Duke escaped the bright colors but he did suddenly become a brunette. Frostbite had his yellow pants and his hair turned red. Poor Outback started wearing orange and became an albino. I guess Psyche-Out and Blizzard were just going through their goth phase. Not in my Tiger Force! I've already got two versions of a classic styled Outback, one which came with the FLAK and the other that came in the Assault on Cobra Island 7-pack. Didn't really need another plus I had been wanting to use that DTC Outback head on something for a while. Why not on an actual Outback? I really thought the sculpt for the DTC Outback figure, which was previously used for Major Barrage, was a great sculpt and I thought it worked really well for Outback. After considering my other options I decided that I would just go all-out and use this figure as an oportunity to see if I could completely convert an o-ring style figure into a modern style figure. It took some doing and I ended up having to strip the legs of paint, make further alterations to the legs and repaint them before they worked well. Even then there are more things I probably should have done as well but nothing that really prevents me from being completely unhappy with him.

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