Head: Slayer Designs
Torso, lower arms: RoC Heavy Duty
Upper Arms: Retaliation Roadblock
Legs: Mutt
Armor: Broken Arrow
Missile Launcher: RoC

"TIGER FORCE - a special unit within the GI JOE team - is called up for a secret and highly dangerous mission in the remote jungle!"

I've always liked Tiger Force. I can't really explain why but that subgroup has always appealed to me. Regardless, there are things about it that don't make much sense from a practical view of what is supposed to be a covert jungle assault team. Most of the figures from the original release in the vintage line followed that theme pretty well. International and later releases? Not so much. Same goes with the vehicles. My goal here was to recreate the original team but try to stay closer to the spirit of it's purpose. That means no bright colors. I've also cherry picked figures from later releases as well and added two new members, one of which is a new character. Instead of doing strait repaints of existing figures I wanted to try to go a different direction and tie in some of the other versions of these characters as well.

"Wait. Isn't Brawn an Autobot?" Yes. Yes, he is. Hence his Autobot tatoo. ;-) I put this figure together just so I could use that head which is actually the Santa Claus head that SD did. Of course I didn't want him to look like Santa so I cut the hat off and replaced it with the top of a PoC Arctic Duke head. "PoC Arctic Duke?!" Yes. The PoC Arctic Duke that never came out. My vision for this guy is that he's pretty much Brawn as a GI Joe instead of a Transformer. Brawn was a really tough guy, but he was also really small. I cut off about a quarter inch from the lower legs to try and make this figure shorter. While it worked to some degree, he's ended up not being as short as I envisioned. Regardless, I'm happy with him. Especially the head which is probably the best head I've done yet.

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