Head: TofuJesse cast
Hat: Broken Arrow
Arms: Crimson Twin
Rest: 5-pack Shipwreck

I was never really planning on making a Cutter figure and had gotten the 5-pack Shipwreck figure to use with something else but when it arrived and I took a good look at it, I changed my mind and decided to keep it until I could decide if I wanted to use it for something or keep it as Shipwreck. I saw that TofuJesse had a cast of the Club Footloose head and I had gotten some of those ballcaps from Broken Arrow and thought that those together along with this Shipwreck body would probably make a great Cutter. I always liked Cutter's DEF mold too so decided that I would use the Crimson Twin arms to bring some of that into this one. Aside from the head and hat, this figure has no other painting.

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